Beat it.
Uckk, we have a problem with a little niner, I'm about to punch her lights out.

Which niner? And don’t do anything. What happened?

Well, you'll find someone new or fix things with Anya. Either way, things will work out. So now that my lameness is over, we can move on, ahaa.

(; We can.

I’m bored.

Why am I lucky that "I'm me"? I don't feel very lucky.

You are lucky, don’t sweat anything. 

He’ll come around or someone better will.

With all problems set aside i really do want to be with you. You bring back hope in me.

We can talk to soon, okay?

You're an idiot sometimes, you know that right? Oh and good job at that dodgeball game today. You looked real "cool". Is that how you distract yourself? Ahaa.

Hey, I am not! You’re just lucky you’re you. 

If both of us say coke is bad, obviously its bad since we never say that :) And I know there was nothing that you could do, it's really all on her now. I'm sorry all this shit happened, I know you actually liked her, that never happens with you. Fuck relationships.

Truer words have never been spoken. 

To everything you just said. Although I am thirsty now, thanks bee (:

You need to learn to relax kay?!

Thanks.. I’ll keep that in mind.

You should really stop treating your girlfriend like that, if you want her to stop you need to help her.

Thanks anon, I can handle it. 

Always gotta find a way to put a dirty joke in there, good for you.
And I appreciate it, same goes for you even though you probably won't need me.... unless you abandon your girlfriend and leave her up to me.
By the way, I will hold this against you forever :)

Hey, I couldn’t help it.(;

And yeah, I know but what else was I supposed to do? She was all up on other guys, not exactly something that’s easy to handle. Especially after I told her coke was a bad idea.

My hair is still damp from the water bottle “accident.”




Thanks a lot, Owen.

I am not sorry.

Didn’t think you would be…

Maybe if you weren’t a judgemental, bitch.